Consignment Boat Sales

Are you ready to sell your boat but not excited about the hassle of doing it yourself? Not looking forward to advertising, responding to inquiries, or having to show your boat according on someonelese's schedule? Sun Country Marine offers a full-service consignment program for boat owners. Our experts will help you minimize your turnaround time and maximize your profits!

Included in our exclusive consignment program: appraisal of boat, market evaluation and systems check. This will help you understand the current market conditions, how your boat compares to others in the market, its overall operational condition, and what you might be able to expect in terms of a realistic sales price. Should your boat need service work to help prepare it for sale, Sun Country's in-house service team is available to assist with factory-trained, certified technicians.

Sun Country Marine's consignment program will showcase your boat and provide high powered marketing support. Your boat can be promoted onsite at our facility, listed on our website, and other marine industry boat sales websites. In addition, our consignment customers enjoy the benefit of extra horsepower as the entire Sun Country sales team is educated on your boat and can assist in selling it when the right customer comes along!

Key benefits of listing your boat with Sun Country Marine...

In addition, we will work with you every step of the way and bring you all reasonable offers so you can make an informed decision. We work hard to make consignment easy for you!

Call us today to learn more about our consignment program. Let’s sell your boat for top dollar now!
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